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Hi. I’m Gigi Hyland. Born overseas and raised on delectable French and Puerto Rican food, I am a devoted eater, locavore, and gypsy at heart. Food is love in my family clan, as evidenced by all-out feasts at family reunions in the summer and at Thanksgiving and Christmas.

I am committed to fostering a more sustainable food system in the metro D.C. area. This includes shopping at producer-only farmers markets, working to get healthier food into my local food pantry and participating in dialogue with regional partners to improve our production and distribution system from farm to fork.

It also means engaging my network of credit union professionals to build stronger communities through cooperative finance that brings affordable, appropriate products to enhance consumers’ financial well-being.

All photos courtesy of Andy Janning


  • Everyone should have access to healthy, fresh, affordable food.
  • In supporting local farmers, producers and businesses to bolster regional economic growth.
  • Most social issues — food, poverty, health (individual and community), small business growth, kids’ success in school, the environment — are all inexorably linked.
  • Credit unions, as financial cooperatives, can play a key role in strengthening the financial capability of communities.
  • We all have a role to play to assure our communities, and ultimately our nation, thrive.