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Foodie Woes of a Frequent Traveler

I travel a lot. About 90 days a year for the last 15 years. I’m perpetually appalled by the lack of foodie food choices at the airports through which I connect and travel. C’mon. You can’t do any better than a Chili’s or a TGI Fridays?  (No offense guys, but you are not what my palate wants when I’ve dealt with TSA security and schlepped my bag from Concourse B to C and then to gate C 114).

That whining done, I have had some amazing experiences with airport dining. Moreover, on the premise that one should approach the world with a glass half full attitude, here is one of my favorites.

Airports: DFW and Love Field, Dallas, TX

Restaurant: Sky Canyon by Chef Stephan Pyles

Oh my. Terminal D of DFW is really the only civilized terminal in this behemoth of an airport. Light-filled and airy, you actually can imagine spending an hour or two wandering around the interesting shops and foodie joints as you await your flight (your flight to Maui, preferably). That said, when you want a foodie meal, you need to head to Sky Canyon.

Chef Pyles has introduced transcendent food into the hustle and bustle of an airport environment. For me, one of the things that distinguishes a dining experience from a fine dining experience is the quality of the service. Our server was genuinely hospitable and eager to make sure that my fellow diners and I had the best dining experience possible. She was knowledgeable about the creative menu and when we were ready, she efficiently took and placed our order with the kitchen.

My choice was a Caesar salad and ceviche. As you can see from the photos below, this was no ordinary salad and no ordinary ceviche.

The baby romaine was placed upright on the plate and surrounded by a “napkin ring” of Parmesan tuile. The dressing was a light perfect complement to the crisp salad greens. And then there were the four, warm, soft cornbread croutons that are served on the side of the salad bowl. Breaking the tuile into small bits and cutting the salad into bite size bits, the flavors blended beautifully to combine a rich and refreshing salad.

The delectable Caesar Salad at Sky Canyon
The delectable Caesar Salad at Sky Canyon

The tuna ceviche then took the foodiness of the meal to a whole new level. Served in a glass that rested within another glass filled with crushed ice, the ceviche was melt in your mouth wonderful. The watermelon melded perfectly with the fresh ahi to be a delicate delight for the taste buds.

Delectable Tuna Ceviche
Delectable Tuna Ceviche

Happily, Sky Canyon is open in both DFW and Love Field airports. Take me to Dallas, please!


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