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A Perfect Breakfast Sandwich

I must admit that I’ve never been a big fan of the breakfast sandwich. True, I’ve eaten my fair share of Egg McMuffins over the years, but only because hunger stuck while traveling in the early morn’. Mashing an egg, cheese and bacon together between two pieces of toast and wolfing it down spoils the whole ritual of having eggs, bacon and toast in the first place.

No, I believe in having my breakfast plate be more civilly arranged: the just-right poached eggs gleaming and steaming; the crisp bacon hugging the edge of the plate; the breakfast potatoes making a small mountain across from the luxurious eggs; and, the toast — oh, my dear, don’t you know that the toast gets a separate plate to be correctly slathered with homemade, kick-ass strawberry jam (yes, the recipe is here on HylandHighway).

But, like all other pre-conceived notions, it is wise that one remain open to the possibility that there are exceptions to the general rule. The breakfast sandwich at Northside Social Coffee and Wine in Clarendon, VA is just such an exception. An amazing, glory-filled, tasty-beyond-tasty exception to my general rule.


Northside Social sits on, you guessed it, the north side of Clarendon at 3211 Wilson Boulevard.  The cafe is housed in a renovated brick-red painted, two-story house perched at the busy corner of Washington and Wilson Boulevards as you enter Clarendon from the north. The cozy interior beckons you to stay and leisurely chat up a friend over the decadent array of pastries, gourmet teas, coffees and sandwiches.

Joining foodie friend Julie there for an early Saturday morning breakfast (after going to the zoo at o dark thirty to see the baby panda Bao Bao up close and personal), I settled on some jasmine tea and the Bacon & Egg sandwich.

The tea came in a lovely little pot with the leaves gently swirling around the bottom and a little timer to tell you the perfect moment to drink it. Is there anything more fortifying than a hot cup of tea? Ahhhh.

Image 1

The sandwich is the most delectable concoction of that perfeclty-poached egg that I mentioned earlier on crisp “Italian feather loaf” bread that has been lovingly spread with maple butter, a slice of sharp white cheese, amazing bacon and — get this — a small frisee salad that tastes like it has the barest bit of a lemon, olive oil, salt and pepper dressing on it.

A perfect breakfast sandwich!
A perfect breakfast sandwich!

A delicious, “hear the taste buds warble with joy” combination. As you can see, I really despised it.

Uggh, it was really bad. NOT!
Uggh, it was really bad. NOT!

I cannot wait to go back to try another version of Northside Social’s breakfast sandwich. I’m thinking the smoked salmon. And then, there are all those pastries to try…

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