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The Common Table in Dallas

Last week, I was in Dallas. With a group of friends, we went to this fun bar/pub/restaurant smack in the middle of the city to enjoy cold brew and Texas sized food portions.

The Common Table is located at 2917 Fairmount, Dallas, TX 75201. Definitely more pub than restaurant, The Common Table has great beer and food menus. On a sunny day or balmy night, they have a lovely front patio where one could pass quite a bit of time with friends, food and drink.

Here’s a gander at the beer selections

Brew list at The Common Table
Brew list at The Common Table

We started the evening with a light Duvel Single (right hand side of the menu above). A gentle, crisp beer, it was the perfect compliment to the incredibly delicious pulled pork spring rolls we ordered as an appetizer.

For the main event, many of my colleagues ordered the Grilled Cheese Sandwich with a side of Mac n’ Cheese. Now this isn’t your average grilled cheese. No sir. This is roasted pork tenderloin, cheddar, provolone and parmesan on a sourdough roll accompanied by a marinara dipping sauce. Bring on those clogged arteries! While the Mac n’ Cheese was dry, there was no denying that the Grilled Cheese Sandwich comes by its lofty reputation legitimately.

The Common Table's famous Grilled Cheese Sandwich
The Common Table’s famous Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Other entrees chosen by the group included the Seared Scallops, the Crabcake BLT and the Spicy Shrimp Wrap. The scallops received a two thumbs up as did the crabcake. The wrap — not so much. It was bland despite the advertised chipotle may and pico de gallo. It also had an overwhelming proportion of romaine lettuce to spicy shrimp.

Dessert also had its shining star — the bread pudding. I’m not normally a fan, but this was just moist enough without being soggy and resembled really good Monkey Bread. Oh yeah! The other dessert choices rated o.k.: A molten chocolate cake (they should use my recipe; more on that another time) that was dry and a creme brûlée that was good, no more, no less.

If you’re looking for a great pub with food that pairs well with a cold brew, this is the spot. Would love to go back on a warm evening and enjoy the outdoor patio. Cheers!

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