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A Toast to the Continuity of Summer

When Labor Day weekend rolls around each year, the lament I always hear from friends, neighbors and family is, “Where did the summer go??”

Well, I’m here to share my unwavering opinion with you that part of the joy of summer is the attitude of summer —  relaxed, carefree, “I’m going to do whatever I feel like doing today.” For me, this equates to being on a beach somewhere, toes in the sand and watching the ocean waves. Why do we feel so compelled to mournfully bury our summer selves on the first Monday of every September?

This year, I am pledging to keep my summer ‘tude around as long as I can.

And there is no better drink to toast the continuity of summer than the “Venetian Spritzer” from The Burning Tree restaurant in Otter Creek, Maine.

Acclaimed for its locally sourced ingredients and sustainable ethos, the restaurant sits on the quiet, rural road of Route 3 about five miles south of Bar Harbor. If you drive too quickly, you’ll miss it because it looks like someone’s home. Lush vegetable gardens and a small green house sit to the left of the main building.

The Burning Tree’s resident mixologist, Caresse (pronounced “cah-reese”), makes this refreshing libation that perfectly replicates the brilliant orange of a summer sunset. Her version is a little different take on the traditional “Aperol Spritz” since it has no soda or seltzer water.

When I tasted it, it felt like the unbridled anticipation for summer that we feel on Memorial Day Weekend. Back to that attitude thing.

So, raise a glass! Here’s to your summer self, your summer attitude and the continuity of summer!

Caresse’s Venetian Spritzer

Squeeze 1/6 of an orange  into a balloon wine glass.

Pour just short of  2 ounces of Aperol over the juice and mix.

Add ice to fill the glass and finish with a nice pour of chilled Prosecco.

Stir to blend and enjoy!

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