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Hyland Highway Australia

Will the real Hyland Highway please stand up? Folks have asked me where I got the name for my site. I actually have to thank Congressman Jim Moran (D-VA 8th District). You see, my dad, Gerry Hyland, sits on the Board of Supervisors for Fairfax County. He represents the Mount Vernon District. Each February, he holds a Town Hall Meeting. At the 2012 meeting, Rep. Moran threw his arm over my dad’s shoulders and proclaimed what an amazing effort my dad had put into revitalizing Richmond Highway from Alexandria to Lorton. My dad had done such a good job, declared Rep. Moran, “that the road should be renamed ‘Hyland Highway.'”

“Gee,” I thought, “That’s a great name for a blog.”

But, come to find out, there actually is a Hyland Highway — in Australia. The C482, according to Wikipedia., is in the Gippsland region of Victoria, Australia, connecting the towns of Traralgon and Yarram. It is named after Sir Herbert Hyland.

Hyland Highway

Who??!! Sir Herbert Hyland? I possible had an Australian relative who was a “Sir.” And all this time I thought the Hyland clan was descended from honorable horse thieves from around Cork, Ireland.

It appears Sir Herbert John Thornhill Hyland was a grocer, investor and politician. In 1929, Hyland entered parliament. His government service included stints in varied government agencies including Transport (1938–43), Chief Secretary (1943–45), State Development (1947–48 and 1950–52), Labour (1947–48), Decentralisation (1948) and Transport and Prices (1950–52). Knighted in 1952, Hyland was elected leader of the parliamentary Country Party in 1955.

Bottom line: There is indeed another Hyland Highway. Maybe some day I’ll get to travel it.

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