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Earth Day Baby!

My youngest cousin, Doug, and his lovely wife, Kate, just had their first baby yesterday afternoon. Welcome to the clan, Lily!

“Lily.” What a perfect name for an Earth Day baby. Her arrival on the scene makes me quite nostalgic (most likely a sign of advancing age). I remember holding Doug when he was just a pea pod many moons ago. Watching him grow up, go to school, fall in love and get married reinforces my certain belief that our life’s cycle echo that of this wonderful planet we live on.

Birth, joy, survival, pain and death are as much a part of Earth’s life as they are of human life. Like all other families, we have lost cherished members of our clan far too early. The fond stories we tell about them to this day hold their memory close. With each new birth, our family adds another strand to our tapestry of love.

I know Lily will be taught the wonder and love for the Earth that her parents have — the unending beauty of the ocean, the majesty of wild geese in flight, and the bounty of a garden well-tended. How lucky and blessed am I that I can witness this cycle all over again.


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